What are we doing at VLACE?

What are we doing at VLACE?

Today, 70% of the sneakers produced worldwide are still made in Asia, using very environmentally harmful materials such as tanned leather or plastic. This raises not only the question of the ecological, but also of the social footprint because textile workers operate under opaque conditions for a few euros a month.

What if we would be able to turn this system around?

What are we doing at VLACE?

In 2022, we set ourselves the challenge of deconstructing this industry and offering a collection of sneakers made entirely from recycled, vegan and recyclable materials. Transparency is our number one. Knowing under what conditions and how your sneaker is made changes everything!

VLACE is not just a brand.

With every step you take with VLACE, you are supporting not only our brand, but also the entire planet. Animals no longer have to die for fashion and people work in good conditions.

We create sneaker for people who share our enthusiasm for attention to the detail, customers who really care about where their sneaker come from and have an interest in how the sneaker is made, people who not only want to underline their individuality with their style, but also want to express an attitude.

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