Grapeskin of italian wineyards

Grapeskin of italian wineyards

Our V L A C E' 95 is made of grape waste. Grapeskin with its grainy look is a great vegan alternative to animal leather.


The manufacturing process :

  • Utilization of waste from wine production (skins, seeds, residues).
  • Grinding of waste and mixing with grape seed oil and water-based PU to obtain a thick paste.
  • Application of a vegetable dye in the paste, which is then spread and compressed with a roller to obtain a flexible and grained material with the appearance of leather.
  • Our portuguese craftmen put the materials together to bring our sneaker to life.


GRAPESKIN From Italian vineyards

Our partner from Italy has developed an innovative material, characterized by a high content of vegetable, renewable and recycled raw materials: Grape residues from winemaking, vegetable oils and natural fibers from agriculture. Our supplier works close with Italian wineries, so 100% of the GrapeSkin comes from Italy.

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