Our VLACE' 95 is also made of CornSkin

Our VLACE' 95 is also made of CornSkin

Your V L A C E' 95 is not only produced with Grapeskin, also with corn skin. Cornskin comes also from Italy. The Cornskin is obtained from corn waste. This innovative material, approved by PETA and GRS certified, is also a great alternative to animal skin, thanks to its vegetable composition of renewable raw materials.


Manufacturing process :

  • Corn harvesting - without impact on the food chain.
  • Extraction of bio-polyols from non-food grains, non-GMO and of European origin.
  • Blending of bio-polyols with PU and dye to obtain a smooth and solid material.
  • Our portuguese craftmen put the materials together to bring our sneaker to life.

Our partner is committed to contribute a sustainable fashion industry by producing materials with a low environmental impact. Cornskin is REACH compliant, non-animal tested and made in Italy.

Vegan sneaker production emits an average of 69% less carbon than the average pair of sneakers and has a carbon footprint of 5 kg of CO2 per pair. Our Italian partner was awarded the first prize of the Global Change Award for the innovative biomaterials developed.

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