There is nothing to hide.

There is nothing to hide.

There is nothing hide.


On the contrary, we want to let you know where your sneaker comes from.

Shoe Factory - Portugal.

We are proud to work with partners who share our values from an environmental and social point of view.

In 1993, Manuel started his own shoe factory. In 2015, his son Tierri joined the family business. Their team consists of 25 workers who cycle a maximum of 15 min to their workplace every day. It is important to Tierri and his father to be located in the city centre, therefore their employees do not have to take a long way to work.

This team of real enthusiasts continues the artisan assembly, paying special attention to details and finishing. According to us, they were the first to believe in VLACE sneakers. Therefore, they are an important part of the VLACE brand:

Ana, António Hélder, António Leandro, Armindo, Aurora, Beatriz, Beatriz de Oliveira, Carla, Cristina, Elísio, Hélder, Isabel, Iúri, José, Licínia, Liliana, Manuel, Maria Fernanda, Maria Isabel, Miguel, Pedro, Renato, Rosa, Rosa Maria, Sónia and Tierri.

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